Application Security
For Analyst, Architect, Designer, Developer, Integrator
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Course only offer in French for public course but can be offer in English for onsite training please call us form more detail at 514.697.5554 ext: 200

Trained to get better protection, development and to optimize

The field of application security is evolving and companies are becoming increasingly sensitized to the risk of intrusion of external or internal.

But the technology it also evolves

And when we talk about application security, the first links in the chain to referred to in development is: programming, design and quality assurance. There are simple and inexpensive ways to equip your development teams and raise awareness of the importance of developing secure and well protected applications.

Training is important for your people. The knowledge transfer and information are transmitted to allow an overview of the application security and lead the participants to reflect on various issues all led by our expert instructor on the subject. This results in a learning that can be easily applied in several contexts of development.

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1 day course (french) for Project Managers, Technical Director, Technology VP, team leader and technological leader


2 days course (french) for developers, analysts, designers, architects and integrators