We offer our clients a combination of services in order to respond to their needs as effectively as possible. Our business approach and our dedicated team help make Mynsoft a one-stop solution in application development services.

Our skilled resources can offer several types of mandates such as:

  • Establishment or improvement of processes
  • Business or functional analysis of a project
  • Implementation of software architecture
  • Database development
  • Project management development
  • Technological change, etc...


In order to develop and propose effective business solutions to our clients and to provide quality service, Mynsoft has, over the years, established an efficient and proactive approach in order to properly qualify and manage its mandates. This is a series of steps driven by our administrative staff to better manage the expectations and needs of our clientele.

  • Establish client expectations
  • Analyze and understand client needs
  • Analyze and propose the best solution
  • Define and clarify the scope
  • Implement the solution
  • Manage the mandate
  • Carry out formal reviews