A business’ story is always something important to explore. It allows us to retrace the evolution of time, the improvements and acquisitions over the years. Our company was founded in February 2002 and the founders are still its main leaders. Since Mynsoft was created, it has significantly expanded and progressed. Originally, two employees formed the company and its main service was our on-site technical training. Over time, several key ideas have guided the way and allowed Mynsoft to add new services and gain new skills in order to provide its clients with well-defined solutions. From a technical training center, we are now a company that supports Application Development teams.

Mynsoft became a dream come true to its two founders: the dream of evolving in IT software technologies by offering unique services with an approach defined by our personality. Mynsoft’s workplace is an environment that is both enjoyable and productive. It succeeds by achieving a positive team spirit and its employees have a sense of belonging in a consulting services environment. But above all, our goal is to make a difference. Day after day we are continuously gaining expertise and experience in order to continue to offer our clients a company who specializes in Application Development Support.

With that said let’s not confuse application development support with maintenance. Over the years, Mynsoft has been able to add value to its center of expertise and put a team of experts in place to be a unique provider for complementary services in the field of Application Development. We offer our clients five services that each focus on their own specialties in development.

The future is promising and we continue to conduct market research in order to enlarge our family of services. We have exciting challenges ahead of us and we want to develop even more unique development services and acquire new specialties in Information Technology. Since the beginning we have secured our growth in a dynamic, vigorous, healthy and sustainable way to increase success and it is with this vision that we want to continue to help our clients and contribute to their successfulness.